The view of the application was developed by using the best and modern practices in the web industry. It was built with Ionic, an open-source mobile app development framework that makes it easy to build high-quality cross-platform apps for native iOS, Android, and the web-all from a single codebase. Ionic is based on Web Components and comes with many significant performance, usability, and feature improvements over the past versions.



The backend technologies used for the application are NodeJS and Postgres.
NodeJS allows the creation of Web servers and networking tools using JavaScript and a collection of  “modules” that handle various core functionality. NodeJS’s modules use an API designed to reduce the complexity of writing server applications.
Postgres, is an open source object-relational database management system with an emphasis on extensibility and standards compliance. It can handle workloads ranging from small single-machine applications to large Internet-facing applications with many concurrent users.



  • Theme: Custom Design
  • Languages: 1 (English)
  • Code: Angular, NodeJS, SASS, PostgreSQL